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Sidi Genius 10 Road Shoes - Fluo
Sidi Genius 10 Road Shoes - Fluo

SidiSidi Genius 10 Road Shoes - Fluo

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The Sidi Genius 10 Road Shoe is the latest iteration of Sidi’s long running, and ever popular Genius model. Featuring a new sole and closure system the Genius 10 sees an almost total redesign from earlier Genius models, while retaining the classic Sidi styling and quality that’s made the Genius such a favourite over the years.

The Carbon Composite 20 sole is nylon injected with carbon fibre, which results in a light and stiff sole that’s specifically designed to maintain its stiffness and technical features over time. Correct cleat alignment is essential to ensuring comfort and optimum power transfer whilst out riding. The Carbon Composite 20 sole is designed with this in mind: a graduated central section around the three-bolt fitting facilitates easy and precise cleat installation.

Made from Microfibre Microtech, the Genius 10’s upper is designed for lightness, but also has plenty of coverage for cooler days or poor conditions. The material is also a good choice for eco-friendly riders. Microfibre Microtech is made with water-based products, as opposed to solvent-based products, meaning less noxious emissions are released into the atmosphere, reducing the environmental impact of production. For improved walkability and added longevity, the sole also includes a replaceable heel pad.

Sidi’s iconic Soft Instep strap is present and correct on the Genius 10, giving an inimitable connection with the pro peloton. The Soft Instep strap has an adjustable ratchet and paired with the Tecno-3 dial you can adjust the closure and fit of the Genius 10 on both sides of the shoe to suit the shape of your instep. A second Tecno-3 dial allows for precise adjustment on the lower section of the shoe, and only furthers the Genius 10’s clean and unfussy looks.

Like many of Sidi’s parts, the Tecno-3 dials and Soft Instep strap are replaceable, meaning the Genius 10 can be a key part of your cycling wardrobe for seasons to come.

The Genius 10 also features Sidi's heel cup. The reinforced cup helps stabilise the heel, prevents heel slip, and ultimately increases power transfer. The cup is about safety too, providing extra foot protection in case you take a tumble off your steed.

Key features

  • Eco-friendly Microfibre Microtech material
  • Carbon Composite 20 sole
  • Tecno-3 System dial
  • Soft Instep closure system
  • Replaceable heel pad